Yes, we work with trained healthcare workers and work together with a laboratory for COVID-19 diagnostics validated by the RIVM. This means that this laboratory has been checked by RIVM and we meet the set criteria.

The COVID-19 PCR test and the Corona rapid test are a snapshot and do not fully guarantee that you are actually negative. It may be that no virus is detected, but you have nevertheless become infected with the virus. The test may give a different result at different times because, for example, you are in the incubation period. That is why we strongly recommend that you always adhere to the current measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

No. You can eat and drink everything. Taking the nose or throat swab can – for some people – cause some irritation in the nose or throat.

The new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) causes the contagious disease COVID-19. In the beginning, the complaints often resemble a cold. The disease can cause severe pneumonia, which can sometimes kill people.

Most people experience a feeling of flu and have complaints such as cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough, increase in fatigue, fever and / or chest tightness. SARS-CoV-2 is different from the well-known coronaviruses that occur in humans. A reduction in smell and taste is also a common symptom. More information can be found on the RIVM site.

For travelers: In the Netherlands, the GGD only tests people who have complaints. People who travel, often have no complaints and therefore cannot go to the GGD. In addition, the GGD does not issue a COVID-19 PCR certificate for a negative test, which is requested by many countries.
For employees / employers: The GGD only tests people who have complaints. For example, if it is impossible for employees to work remotely from each other (such as in production or logistics), it can be a solution to have all employees tested preventively so that they can work safely afterwards.

We think it is important that our tests are not only accessible, but also as reliable as possible. That is why we only offer approved laboratory tests that are performed by expert personnel. Our laboratory is ISO certified and checked and approved by the RIVM. This means that we are regularly checked for quality and professionalism and that we always pass these checks.

As far as we know, there is no standard fee for corona testing. There is a reimbursement if the PCR test is part of, for example, an operation that must be performed abroad. Consult your health care provider for more information about this.


You can make an appointment by the use of the reservation system on our website. Choose the test you want to have. Then choose the location and time. We then ask for your personal information. Please note: this concerns your personal data. So do not provide your employer's details, even if they pay for the test.

We need a number of personal information to perform the test and our services. These are your first and last name, e-mail address, (mobile) telephone number, gender, home address, zip code, city, date of birth, social security number and passport or ID number. Optional is to enter the company name if you come to us via your employer. If you do not have a BSN number, enter a dash (only applies if you are not a Dutch citizen).

If you do not live in the Netherlands, you can enter your place of residence.

No, it must be booked per person. An exception applies for companies that use the Corona Testbus.

You can make an appointment with us for a Corona Rapid Test, a Serological Test and a PCR test. We also have a DUO package that consists of both a Serological test and a PCR test.

We recommend that you come alone. However, if someone wants/needs to bring an interpreter or supervisor: that is allowed.


The Corona Rapid Test
De Corona sneltest (antigeentest) is bedoeld om vast te stellen of U het COVID-19 virus op het moment van afname bij U draagt. Na ongeveer 30 minuten heeft U dit resultaat. Let op: deze test is ongeschikt als U van plan bent om te reizen en U ontvangt hierbij dan ook geen reiscertificaat. De test is uiterst geschikt als u minimale klachten ervaart.

The serological test
A serological test consists of a rapid test which has been validated by means of the Elisa Test. A finger prick is sufficient for this test. This gives us an IgG and IgM result, which can be used to show whether you have been infected with the COVID-19 virus. Please note: this test is not suitable if you plan to travel because you will not receive a travel certificate. The test does not indicate whether you are carrying the Covid-19 virus at the time of testing.

The PCR test
We will take a throat swab from you for a PCR test. This is then taken to our laboratory. The machine that is used is CE-IVD approved and the laboratory is ISO certified and validated by RIVM as a laboratory for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics. You will receive a personal (travel) certificate with which you can travel.

Yes, you can cancel at any time. After booking your appointment you will receive a link with which you can cancel the appointment.

Corona Test Spot has test locations in Almere, Haarlem and Schiphol. We also have a Corona Test Bus that can be booked by companies at the desired location. This is possible from a minimum of 20 people.

Yes, there are sufficient parking spaces at all the locations.

No, we are not a test street. Customers must come in, pass the counter, check their data, be tested and walk out again.

All our tests have been validated and approved by the RIVM. We also work with
Microbe & Lab B.V. what an ISO certified lab is. This has also been validated and approved by the RIVM.

Certificaat van het lab.

The corona rapid test

Yes. We need a number of information to be able to perform our services. Therefore you must bring a driver's license, passport or ID to the test location.

We take the test by the use of a nose swab. This is in accordance with the RIVM guideline.

U krijgt de uitslag ongeveer 30 minuten na afname van de neusswab. Op drukke dagen kan dit iets langer duren.

No. A quick test is not provided with a certificate. This type of test is therefore unsuitable for travelers. Travelers must take a PCR test.

The PCR test

Yes. We need a number of information to be able to perform our services. We use your passport / ID number on the result and we must verify these travel documents. Note: a driving license is therefore not sufficient!

We take the test with a throat swab. This is in accordance with the RIVM guideline.

Mon - Sat before 11.30  same day around 23.30 results
Results Saturday after 11.30 am and Sunday  Monday around 11.30 pm

Yes. Corona Testspot offers a COVID-19 PCR certificate for travelers. This is a personal certificate and we will state the details on the PCR certificate that you provided us with when booking, as well as the test method. So check this carefully before you book. This also applies to the precise requirement for PCR test method. Travelers are responsible for communicating the correct method. We recommend that you always print the document and take it with you when traveling.

We have been approved by the RIVM for the COVID-19 PCR tests and are allowed to perform them. It may be that additional requirements are set. For example, China has made a selection of test locations. Some countries require a different test method. The traveler is responsible for checking whether the test method is valid and whether the health certificate is valid for the country of destination.

We recommend that you look at the travel advice provided by the Dutch government and the information from your travel organization or airline. We also advise you to take a good look at the travel information and status of your travel destination. They will notify you of any specific requirements that may be set. This is your responsibility and we do not provide travel advice. You can find current information about the situation per country on the website of the government, the National Coordination Center for Travel Advice, IATA and that of your travel organization and / or airline. The ANWB also provides a lot of information.

This differs per country. Internationally we see that the COVID-19 PCR test with the statement is often valid for up to 7 days. Countries have different requirements regarding the validity of a PCR test. Always check the specific requirement for your destination. This way you avoid arriving with an expired statement.

The certificate states two times, the time of collection and the time of sending the certificate. The period of validity of the certificate starts from the time of purchase.

Yes. If you want to travel with your child, your child must also be tested. However, there are many differences between countries with regard to the age of PCR tests for children. We advise you to check this carefully. Our doctors take your child into account during testing. We understand that it is exciting for your child. Prepare your child for it as best you can. The prices for testing children are the same as for adults and they receive the same certificate. There is no child / family discount.

The serological test

Yes. We need a number of information to be able to perform our services. Therefore you must bring a driver's license, passport or ID to the test location.

The serological test measures antibodies in the blood to determine whether you have been infected with the COVID-19 virus. We measure two types of antibodies, namely IgG and IgM antibodies. If IgG antibodies are found in your blood, it means that you were infected with the virus some time ago and that you are no longer infectious at the time of testing. If IgM antibodies are found in your blood, this means that you have recently become infected with the virus and that you may still be contagious. You must therefore also be quarantined. If so, our doctor will call you for more information and instructions and we are obliged to report this result to the GGD.

We take the test with a few drops of blood from the finger.

You will receive the results approximately 24 hours after the test

No. A serological test is not provided with a certificate. This type of test is therefore unsuitable for travelers. Travelers must take a PCR test.

The Result

You will receive the results in Dutch and in English.

You will receive the results by e-mail at the e-mail address provided when booking. Both a negative and a positive result are communicated by e-mail. If the result is positive, you will then be called by our doctor.

Als de uitslag van de sneltest of PCR test positief is word je binnen 24 uur gebeld door onze arts. Dit doen wij met een anoniem nummer.

Check the spam folder of your mailbox. If the result cannot be found there either, please send us an email at contact@coronatestspot.nl.


For the tests we need your personal information such as your first and last name, e-mail address, date of birth, telephone number and BSN number. We use this to create and send the PCR certificate (in case of a PCR test). If you have tested positive in a rapid test or a PCR test, we also want to be able to call you. We act in accordance with the GDPR. If positive, we will pass on the positive test result to the GGD. We are obliged to do this in the context of the legal notification obligation of COVID-19. For more information about data processing, please refer to our privacy statement.

Your data will be deleted 6 weeks after your visit. The data is stored on secure servers that meet the requirements set for us under the GDPR.

If someone has tested positive after taking a rapid test or a PCR test, we are legally obliged to report this to the regional GGD.

Payment / invoicing

The costs depend on the test you need. Current prices can be found on the homepage of our website. The same rate applies for children as for adults.

When booking your test you can pay online via iDEAL. Pin payment on location is only possible at the Almere location. Payment with cash is possible, but is strongly discouraged.

Invoicing is only possible with business relations. See the heading ‘Businesses’ for more information.


It is important that an employer gets his employees back to work safely and healthily, especially in sectors where the measures to prevent the spread of the virus simply cannot be optimally adhered to, such as in logistics or production, for example. Testing your employees can make an important contribution to the health and safety of your employees. In addition, we can assist with screening or random testing to detect a COVID-19 infection early.

If an employee tests positive, they will receive a questionnaire that they must fill in truthfully for three days. In addition, they must measure their temperature. The quarantine period (7 - 10 days) starts immediately. In the meantime, tests are carried out and the results will follow within a few hours. The occupational health and safety doctor or general practitioner can check through Haciz and then, based on the test results and questionnaires, can give the green light after three days whether people can return to work. Only when people are asymptomatic do we stamp that it is safe and responsible to return to the workplace. This allows us to shorten the quarantine period to 3 days for a positively tested person who does not experience any complaints.

Yes. As a company you can purchase vouchers, which your employees in return can use to test themselves.

We will send an invoice to your company in advance for the number of vouchers purchased on the basis of the redeemed vouchers.

Yes, the more vouchers you purchase, the higher the discount will be.

Yes, we have a Corona Test Bus that can drive to location. This applies to a minimum number of tests of 20 people.

Corona Test Bus

The Corona Test Bus is specially designed for employers who can rent the bus to have their staff tested. The bus is a mobile test location where rapid tests can be taken. From the minimum of 20 people you can make an appointment with our Corona Test Bus. The bus will then drive to the agreed location at the agreed time.

Employees with mild symptoms can be tested. The employee may therefore not have serious complaints.


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